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Professor's Current Affairs September 2022 Recent Info Inquiry PDF সহ

Professor's Current Affairs September 2022


Ques: Which country has received International Peace Award' as one of the founding members of D-8?
Ans: Bangladesh.

Ques: Where does Bangladesh get the duty-free market-access facility under preferential trade agreement (PTA)?
Ans: Bhutan.

Ques: How many Bhutanese products has been offered tax waiver on import as PTA recently?
Ans: 16 products.

Ques: Where is the first private space observatory center located in Bangladesh?
Ans: Sreepur of Gazipur.

Ques: Who is appointed as 'Bangabandhu Chair Professor' of KUET on 10 August 2022?
Ans: Dr. Khurshida Begum.


Ques: How many districts are going to be formed newly in West Bengal?
Ans: Seven districts.

Ques: Where is a new district named Sunderbans going to be set up?
Ans: West Bengal.

Ques: Who is remembered by the International Peace Award' from the Republic of Turkey?
Ans: Necmettin Erbakan.

Ques: When did the U.S House of representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrive in Taiwan?
Ans: 2 August 2022.

Ques: Which countries' scientists have created the world's first 'synthetic embryos'?
Ans: The scientists of Israel.

Question: Who is elected 14th The vice president of India?
Answer: Jagdeep Dhankhar.

Question: When was the author Salman Rushdie On stage in New York?
Answer: 12 August 2022.

Question: who attacked Salman Rushdie during an event On stage in New York?
Answer: Hadi Matar

Question: Who is crowned Zulu King South Africa?
Answer: misuzulu ka zwillithini.

Q: Who is sworn in Chief Minister of Bihar Eight times?
Answer: Nitish Kumar

Question: Which country created Its first official import order Using Cryptocurrency?
Answer: Iran.

Q: is there any country Satellite ownership Khayyam?
Answer: Iran.

Q: When does Biden sign Approval documents NATO membership approval For Finland and Sweden?
Answer: 9 August 2022.

Question: Who is appointed 49th The Chief Justice of India?
Answer: Justice Uday Umesh Lalit.

Question: When did the UN become high Commissioner for Human Rights Rights Michelle Bachelet Coming to Dhaka?
A: 14 August 2022.

Question: who was elected President of Kenya?

Answer: William Ruto

Quiz: where was the tomato flu first Marked on 6 May 2022?
Answer: Kerala Kollam district, India.

Question: Who is newly announced Pentagon press secretary?
Ans: Patrick s. Ryder

Ques : Which is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe?
Ans : The Zaporizhzhia Plant.

Ques : Where does The Zaporizhzhia nudlear power plant locate?
Ans : Ukraine.

Ques: When will the Midterm election of United states be held?
Ans : 8 November 2022.


Ques : What is the growth rate of Bangladesh as reported by Population and Housing Census 2022?
Ans : 1.22%.

Ques: How manypeople live in per square Kilometer in Bangladesh as reported by Population and Housing Census 2022?
Ans : 1,119.

Ques : Which is the most densely populated country as stated in World Population Prospects 2022?
Ans : Monaco (24,476 persq. km).


Ques: Which countries have been the new members of International Cricket Council (ICC)?
Ans : Cambodia, Uzbekistan and Cote D'Ivoire.

Ques : How many countries are there the total members of International Cricket Council?
Ans : 108 countries.

Ques : Who is the youngest player to score 100 in T20 international?
Ans : Gustav Mckeon; 18 years 280 days (France).

Ques: Where will Asia Cup-2022 be held?
Ans : United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Ques : Which country hosts Asia Cup-2022?
Ans : Sri Lanka.

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