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৩৮তম বিসিএস (English Language and Literature)

৩৮তম বিসিএস (English Language and Literature)

১। Who is the author of ‘Man and Superman’? 

উত্তরঃ G.B. Shaw. 

২। The most famous satirist in English literature is ― 

উত্তরঃ Jonathan Swift. 

৩। What is the plural form of the word ‘louse’? 

উত্তরঃ lice. 

৪। Choose the correct sentence: 

উত্তরঃ He refrained from taking any drastic action. 

৫। Which word is closest in meaning to ‘Franchise’? 

উত্তরঃ privilege. 

৬। ‘Once in a blue moon’ means― 

উত্তরঃ very rarely. 

৭। ‘Jacobean Period’ of English Literature refers to ― 

উত্তরঃ 1603 – 1625. 

৮। A retired officer lives next door. Here, the underlined word is used as a/an:

উত্তরঃ participle. 

 ৯। Choose the appropriate preposition in the blank of the following sentence:

 Eight men were concerned ― the plot.

উত্তরঃ for. 

১০। Fill in the gap with the right tense:

 When water ― it turns into ice. 

উত্তরঃ freezes.

১১। Which one is the correct antonym of ‘frugal’?

উত্তরঃ spendthrift

১২। Choose the meaning of the idiom ― 

‘Take the bull by the horns’.

উত্তরঃ To challenge the enemy with courage. 

১৩। Fill in the blank with the correct quantifier. 

I still have ― money.

উত্তরঃ a little. 

১৪। Select the right compound structure of the sentence: 

“Though he is poor, he is honest”.

উত্তরঃ He is poor but honest. 

১৫। Where do the following lines occur in? 

‘Alone, alone, all, all alone, 

Alone on a wide, wide sea ……’

উত্তরঃ The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. 

 ১৬। ‘For God’s sake hold your tongue, and let me love.’ 

The line is written by― 

 উত্তরঃ John Donne. 

১৭। Fill in the blank: 

Tourists ― their reservations well in advance if they want to fly to Cox’s Bazar. 

উত্তরঃ had better get. 

১৮। The sun went down. the underlined word is used here as a/an: 

উত্তরঃ adverb. 

১৯। Which one of the following words is in singular form?

উত্তরঃ radius. 

২০। Identify the right passive voice of “It is impossible to do this’. 

উত্তরঃ This is impossible to be done.

২১। Of the following authors, who wrote an epic? 

উত্তরঃ John Milton. 

২২। The literary term ‘euphemism’ means― 

উত্তরঃ in offensive expression. 

২৩। ‘Mutton’ is a/an 

উত্তরঃ Material noun. 

২৪। Reading is an excellent habit. Here, the underlined word is a ― 

উত্তরঃ Gerund. 

২৫। Which one of the following words is an example of a distributive pronoun? 

উত্তরঃ either. 

 ২৬। Who is not a Victorian poet? 

উত্তরঃ Alexander Pope. 

২৭। A speech of too many words is called ― 

উত্তরঃ A verbose speech. 

 ২৮। ‘Strike while the iron is hot’ is an example of― 

 উত্তরঃ Adverbial clause. 

২৯। The play ‘The Spanish Tragedy’ is written by ― 

 উত্তরঃ Thomas Kyd. 

৩০। Who among the following Indian English writers is a famous novelist? 

উত্তরঃ R.K. Narayan.

৩১। The word ‘Panegyric’ means 

উত্তরঃ elaborate praise. 

৩২। Select the correctly spelt word : 

 উত্তরঃ heterogeneous. 

 ৩৩। ‘Among’ is a preposition that is used when ― people are involved. 

উত্তরঃ more than two. 

 ৩৪। Which period is known as ‘The golden age of English literature’? 

উত্তরঃ The Elizabeth-1 age. 

৩৫। Which one is the correct indirect narration?

“Why have you beaten my dog”? he said to me.

উত্তরঃ He demanded of me why I had beaten his dog.


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